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Take the Internet with you wherever you go - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

Take the Internet with you wherever you go

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The functionality on all tariff plans is the same, but the longer the subscription period, the cheaper cost of one month.

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+80 servers in 30 countries
+Unlimited traffic
+Rent a personal IP address
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We are 10 years old! - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

We are 10 years old!

For ten years now, we have been reliably protecting and making our clients anonymous.

Security is everything - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

Safety is everything

Secure payments on the Internet, no tracking from your provider or third parties.

Favorite devices - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

Favorite devices

Our VPN works on absolutely any device, including routers, Smart TVs and not only.

Free movement - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

Free movement

Thanks to VPN, you can virtually move around the world, open access to blocked Internet.

One subscription on all devices

After paying for the subscription, you will be able to connect a VPN on any of your devices and more. Our service also supports connections on devices such as Smart TVs, smartphones, game consoles that support Internet connection. Freedom is in your hands, the choice is yours!

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Explore Your Web with Freedom: Try ALTVPN

Apart from safety and connection, a United States VPN is your step into the freedom of the Internet. Over the years, users have gotten used to privacy concerns and regular data leaks. Try to remember, how often someone tried to hack your social media profile or steal personal data. When you Buy VPN Service, such concerns fade away. See why users prefer ALTVPN to access the free Internet. 

Why Should You Use VPN on a Daily Basis?

  1. Safeguard your sensitive and personal data. From your address to payment details, people share all the information online. Make sure your presence here is safe and protected. 
  2. Hide your identity. Anonymity is what people especially value about the web world. But is it so? Only by using a VPN for USA or other regions, you really protect your personality. 
  3. Install an app and surf via mobile. ALTVPN is a complex solution for all of your devices. Using it on a mobile phone, install an official application. Manage your subscription and turn the proxy on and off within one program.
  4. Use on any device. From Linux and Windows to Apple products, ALTVPN is compatible with any device. Why purchase several tools if you can utilize ALTVPN everywhere?
  5. Don’t sacrifice your speed. A common myth is that VPN slows your Internet down. Some indeed do, but ALTVPN uses the best of VPN server address USA to ensure quick connection. 

Best Uses for Your United States VPN Application

Apart from surfing the Internet, you receive a number of perks. See how ALTVPN clients already use it for daily and professional tasks. With the VPN download for PC , you can do all this as well.

Gaming with no Delays

Forget about the game ping. Even playing on the US servers, you won’t feel any delays in the gaming process. Engage with your teammates as if you were in one country.

Boost Your Marketing Career

From SMM parsing to professional research, VPN helps you to reach more audiences. For instance, visit local versions of websites to understand your target audience better. 

Shop at Lower Prices

Regional prices are a thing. Instead of adapting to your region, shop with the USA VPN service. See the actual discounts and lower prices for US citizens, and use them for your online shopping. Connect to 30+ countries to find the best online offers. 

Watch More Content 

Did you know that even Netflix differs from one country to another? Don’t limit yourself to your home country and explore what’s available across the globe. Be the first to see the new American series and shows.

Create a Safe Environment at Home

ALTVPN works with home routers as well. Purchase one profile, connect it to the router, and enjoy a VPN USA server via all the devices. No more need to turn it on separately.

Try VPN USA Online for Professional Needs

For companies with large offices and teams, here’s something special. No matter where you are, connect to a fast VPN USA and change your company’s IP all at once. Connect your team members and enjoy. 

  • 80+ servers, so you always stay connected;
  • unique IPs for businesses;
  • the fastest servers so the whole team stays in touch;
  • annual subscription and adjustable plans.

Want something more? Consider the exclusive IP for your office. Buy a personal service, so no one else can use it. 

Use Now, Pay 24 Hours Later

All the new users receive a 24-hour trial. See if you like ALTVPN and make a sober decision. 

  1. Create your ALTVPN profile via an official website or an application. 
  2. Download and activate your free VPN trial 24 hours and access all the functions. Surf, research, and switch between different regions and countries. All this is unlimited and free.
  3. Choose the plan. Think of subscribing? Choose one of the plans to be fully comfortable with pricing and terms. Purchase an annual subscription and save up to 50%, or pay each month. 

Try it once, and you’ll understand all the perks of a secure and private connection. Dive into the world of free VPN USA to access as many web platforms as possible.


What’s the difference between a free VPN and a paid VPN?

Free VPN programs commonly use old and overloaded servers. What does it mean for you? Slower connection and less protection. Imagine 1,000+ people using the same Wi-Fi. That’s what happens to a free server. Instead, a paid VPN provides you with a unique and secure IP.

Is VPN safe to use?

ALTVPN is completely safe. The program safeguards you from data leaks and hacks. By using it, you stay confidential, and no one can detect where you are. The tool secures your real location and replaces it with the US server.

Can a VPN hide my history and activities from the Internet provider?

ALTVPN fully safes your activities and data online. Your Internet provider (ISP) also cannot see your payment details and browser history. Your data is protected from anyone.

Can VPN protect me from malware?

Despite all security measures, you still should be attentive when leaving your information online. However, the tool indeed protects you from data leaks and traces of your presence on any website.