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VPN for Wi-Fi Router

If you are determined to ensure the confidentiality of your actions on the Internet, then it’s time to order a VPN service for your router. New technology uses virtual private networks that allow you to secure transactions in the online system, keep your website visits secret. You will also have the right to use limited resources access and other privileges that our company provides to its clients, including, the ability to connect a free VPN for the router.

Features of equipment operation

The provider providing you with access to the World Wide Web is not guarantees the security of the issued IP address. Therefore, user data often becomes available to third parties. Information received about interests identified by a person without a twinge of conscience used by marketers, hackers, intelligence agencies, etc.

Having decided to install a VPN on your router, you get a kind of guarantee of freedom:

  • IP address is encrypted;
  • a private network guides you through its secret tunnels;
  • it is impossible to trace the path through VPN routers.

Thus, each user ensures complete freedom actions on the Internet and remains anonymous.

You can connect a private virtual network to any device: smartphone, PC, tablet, laptop, TV, game console. It is profitable to set up a Wi-Fi VPN and get a security guarantee will be obtained for all gadgets at once.

By protecting your home network, you can also get rid of annoying, not place of pop-up banners, no longer need to view uninteresting but obligatory commercials that interrupt an exciting movie or favorite movie at the most interesting point transmission.

AltVPN invites each potential client to install free VPN service for a router in order to familiarize yourself with the program’s capabilities and evaluate them in real conditions.

Benefits of Wi-Fi VPN

You can provide access to VPN via Wi-Fi using already installed device, or by purchasing new equipment with a pre-installed application.

This way you will save yourself the trouble of making settings virtual private networks on every device. Wi-Fi VPN guarantees:

  • fast connection and automatic protection;
  • security not only for the above-mentioned gadgets, but also for streaming devices, smart speakers, CCTV cameras and even light bulbs;
  • work without censorship. Wi-Fi VPN allows you to access sites that are prohibited for use. This becomes possible because our company has eighty servers, located in different states. A new IP address opens up a wealth of possibilities and does not limit user actions online;
  • the ability to change the connection location. Everything happens quickly, literally in one click - no complex transitions to the settings menu. Using split tunneling, you can moment to remove the unnecessary device from the Wi-Fi router VPN.

It is important to remember that connecting to VPNs works only when there is a need for it. If not necessary, you can use the function emergency shutdown.

Install a free VPN server for your router and see the prospects work under a guarantee of confidentiality.

Nice prices and 24/7 support

We have prepared clear instructions so that you can easily buy a VPN and connect to virtual private networks. To do this, you just need to find out if you are ready your router finds a common language with the system. We recommend that you check this information with our specialists. support service or via online chat on the website. Then receive the access code, first by applying for work in test mode, or by ordering a paid VPN for the router.

After completing these steps, configure the program and receive maximum benefit from a pleasant pastime.

Our pricing policy is quite loyal, so it won’t be difficult choose the most suitable option.

We guarantee 24/7 technical support. All arising Issues can be resolved via chat or by sending an email.