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Safe payments, free movement around the world, maximum protection transferred data for your MacOS device, open the world of the free Internet.

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  • Ability to open incoming and outgoing ports when purchasing a personal IP address.
  • Within 7 days from the moment of activation you can return your funds if something is not for you I'll like it.
  • More than 80 servers in 30 countries will be available for your use.
  • Ability to work with email clients, as well as SIP telephony that do not work in test version.
  • The ability to rent one or more IP addresses in different countries of the world, for any period of time subscriptions.
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Work, communication, shopping, leisure on the international Internet have already have long become habitual markers of modern human behavior. At the same time, the World Wide Web threatens many dangers, one of which is the openness and accessibility of personal data.

Those seeking to protect their right to privacy should connect to the VPN service. Favorable conditions for setting up and using new technology designed to protect user data provided by our company AltVPN. With us you can do it without any problems or difficulties. download VPN on Mac for free.

What is a VPN

VPN technology for Mac (from the English Virtual Private Network - virtual private network) allows you to use all the possibilities of the Internet without fear that your actions are closely observed by strangers.

Decide to download a VPN for Mac OS, and you will find a unique Invisibility hat. Your IP address will be securely hidden, data is encrypted and kept inaccessible for intruders place.

For safe and free visiting of web pages of interest, VPN for Mac connects users to one of the required routers, providing reliable protection personal data. The real source of the connection will be hidden.

And this is not the only benefit of installing a VPN for a MacBook.

Why you should download a VPN on a MacBook

By installing a VPN for MacBook, each user receives real the ability to block access to important information even to your Internet provider. Thus, geolocation, purchases, medical and financial data, and other aspects of personal life will remain for strangers behind seven locks.

By downloading and installing a VPN on a MacBook you can actually get 100% guarantee:

  • safe work in a cafe, park, library with an available Wi-Fi network. VPN Mac OS will block access to your laptop to other Internet users;
  • visiting pages of web resources with limited access. Virtual private network will allow visit any entertainment portals, even while staying within the walls of a school, office or other official institutions;
  • preventing price manipulation. By tracking your online activities and geolocation, marketers, in an effort to increase the profits of their enterprises, deliberately inflate prices for the product you are interested in. So, for example, the same product may cost users living in a capital or metropolis is much more expensive than for those living in a small provincial town. By downloading a VPN on Mac OS, you can protect yourself from this. interventions;
  • get the opportunity to get rid of annoying advertising by blocking it using a VPN client on Mac OS access to your connection;
  • When you are abroad, you may encounter the fact that your favorite sites will not be available here. VPN technology will allow you to connect to the necessary programs and enjoy watching domestic show away from your country.

If you want to experience true freedom while surfing the World Wide Web, It's time to download a VPN, because this is a guarantee of payment security, complete anonymity, the ability bypass local restrictions.

The benefits of working with AltVPN

You can test the application with us by ordering a free VPN for MacBook. To do this, just open the App Store and find the official page of our company AltVPN. The next step is to install the application on your Mac by downloading the program from our website.

Each client is guaranteed 24/7 technical support support.

Our application adapts to all electronic devices: PC, laptop, smartphone, Smart TV, router, etc.

On our website you can order other services for safe activities on the Internet using various operating systems.

The pricing policy is quite democratic, designed for both private and for corporate and network clients.

Immediately after connecting the service, your device will be assigned changed IP address, the ability to choose a country from 30 proposed options and any of 80 servers.

Take advantage of our offer and make your stay in Internet comfortable and secure.