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Stay safe online with your favorite VPN service >Secure and anonymous VPN and Proxy service - ALTVPN

More than 100 servers around the world will make your stay on the Internet safe. Free moving around the world, maximum protection of transmitted data thanks to a VPN connection. Take Internet with you wherever you go.

High-quality proxies at affordable prices!

High-quality proxies at affordable prices - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

  • Wide range of countries and cities, large number of class A subnets
  • Our proxies are suitable for any purpose and task. Contact us, we will definitely help you with your choice and consultation!
  • Are you worried about how many people use your proxies? You are the only owner for the entire service period.
  • Buy more, pay less! Favorable package conditions at the most affordable prices.
  • 24/7 support for any questions. We are always ready to help our client and even to those who are just planning to become one.
Freedom is in your hands The choice is yours!
Internet security with your favorite VPN service.
High-quality proxies at affordable prices!
  • Our service provides not only VPN services, but also offers high-quality personal and package proxies.
  • A wide range of countries and cities, a large number of class A subnets, will available to you before payment.
  • Our proxies are suitable for any purpose and task. Contact us, we will definitely help you with choice and consultation!
Private proxies
  • You are the only owner for the entire period of services.
  • Buy more, pay less! Favorable package conditions at the most affordable prices prices.
  • 24/7 support for any questions. We are always ready to help our client and even for those who are just planning to become one.
Packet proxies
  • Personal mobile proxies that will suit any of your goals and objectives.
  • API for developers, changing the IP address by click or specified time, as well as rebooting the modem.
  • The speed of our mobile proxies is from 5 to 15 Mbit/s with unlimited traffic
Mobile proxies

The Best Online VPN Service for Privacy and Security

High speed - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

High speed

All our servers have connection speeds from 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s

Cheaper only for free - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

Cheaper only for free

We value every client and try to provide our services at the lowest prices possible.

Privacy - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN


We do not share your data with third parties under any circumstances.

We are always online - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

We are always online

We try to respond to your questions as quickly as possible at any time of the day.

One subscription on all devices

After paying for the subscription, you will be able to connect a VPN on any of your devices and more. Our service also supports connections on devices such as Smart TVs, smartphones, game consoles that support Internet connection.
Freedom is in your hands, the choice is yours!

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One subscription on all devices - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

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Affiliate program - VPN & Proxy ALTVPN

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VPN (VPN) - virtual private network - special technology that helps create a secure Internet connection, as well as on private networks. This technology is used by everyone today, including government agencies to guarantee that connections to remote users' systems will be secure.

What are the benefits of using VPN

Public networks have become with the development technologies that are dangerous for users - hackers, attacks, many people who want to steal personal data. Although Initially, the development of security technology was invented for use within large corporations. Thanks to special programs, it was possible to connect to local networks of companies directly from home.

Today, the most common choice is to download a VPN, to hide your Internet activity from prying eyes. Due to this it is ensured privacy of browsing sites. This is also true if needed bypass blocking, both local and national. For example in Ukraine banned some social networks and a popular search engine by changing the proxy and having “moved” to another country, let’s say Turkmenistan, you can freely use prohibited sites.

Another point why VPN services have become so popular - this is an opportunity to protect yourself from hackers when using public Wi-Fi networks and to bypass geo-blocking sites.

VPN - download VPN service/program ALTVPN/ALTVPN Russia, Ukraine, USA, Belarus

A secure VPN connection reliably protects user data from actions of cybercriminals And other attackers.

The server hides the client's activity even from the Internet service provider. VPN provides comprehensive security and privacy of users using data encryption.

VPN & PROXY - Software package for enterprises and individuals.>

Reliable protection of the data of our users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA and other countries with all over the world!

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Our resources

AltVPN offers over 100 servers across to the whole world. Due to this, free movement is possible and at the same time the use of free connections. Now taking the Internet with you anywhere is very easy and, most importantly, safe. Our services are paid, but the price is quite affordable considering the vastness opportunities.

We offer:
  • Many countries and even cities, a large number of class A subnets. More specifically, you can use the Internet without any problems without worrying about data theft in Argentina, USA, Turkey, Belarus, India, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, France, Poland, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Portugal, Australia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hong Kong, Norway, Vladivostok, Lithuania, Moldova, Cyprus, Iran, Israel, Slovakia. And also by cities of Russia: Khabarovsk, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and many others.
  • Proxies from our company are suitable for any purpose and task. If you need advice - Contact us, we will tell you everything and show you.
  • You don't have to worry about someone else using your proxy. For the duration of the services - you sole owner.
  • Significant savings are possible by purchasing a longer subscription.
  • We provide 24/7 support on all issues. We are in touch as with the current ones users and those who are just planning to connect.
  • It is possible to subscribe to all devices at once, including Smart TV, smartphones, game consoles, etc. - Vpn service, private Proxy, class A network from any countries world

AltVPN is a VPN service, private proxies, a large selection of networks A-class.

We offer users a choice of more than thirty countries from all over world:

Russia, Ukraine, USA, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Moldova, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Singapore, Belarus, Canada, China; and not only!

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Our advantages

Cooperation with AltVPN is the right solution for individuals and companies. And that's all, because we have many advantages. The most important of them is high speed. This indicator of our servers at the moment the moment varies from 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s.

We offer many comprehensive solutions that will provide solid savings, you can be sure - cheaper, but free. And our services are affordable and of absolutely high quality. It also matters confidentiality, because your information under no circumstances can reach third parties, hackers won't cope either.

Of course, you will definitely appreciate our support and efficiency - consultants are always online. That's why any problems are resolved instantly.

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✅High speed ✅24/7 support ✅35 countries to choose from

Each new client has the opportunity to test the program ALTVPN free to estimate ease of use.

Download VPN/VPN service/program and test it for free before how to buy - we glad every new user!