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Setting Up OpenWRT Router (Works in Russia and Beyond)

To seamlessly use VPN on your router, you need it to support OpenWRT firmware. To ensure that your router supports this firmware, we recommend consulting the official manufacturers of your router.

Installing openconneсt and luci-proto-openconnect Packages

Go to the System menu → Software and update the package list: Actions → Update lists.

In the Filter field, type «openconneсt» and install the openconneсt and luci-proto-openconnect packages.

Configuring Network Interface

Navigate to the Network menuInterfaces and add a new interface: Add new interface.

In the dialog box, enter the desired name for the new VPN connection (e.g., altvpn) and select the OpenConnect protocol type. Then, click Create interface.

Fill in the basic VPN connection settings (General Settings), where:

  • YOUR_SERVER — the address of the desired VPN server (e.g., frankfurt.socksprotect.com).
  • YOUR_SERVER_PORT — the connection port (e.g., 5555).
  • VPN_SERVER_CERT_SHA1 — the SSL certificate fingerprint of the server.
  • YOUR_USERNAME — your ALTVPN service access code.
  • YOUR_PASSWORD — the email address used during registration on ALTVPN.

In the Advanced Settings tab, ensure that the Use default gateway option is selected.

Optionally, specify the required DNS server (Use custom DNS servers).

Create a new zone in the firewall settings (Firewall Settings) for subsequent traffic forwarding rules (e.g., altvpn).

Save the changes in the created VPN connection by clicking the Save button.

Then, save and apply the configured router settings by clicking Save & Apply on the Interfaces page.

If the connection is successful, the new altvpn interface will receive an IP address. Otherwise, examine the system logs (Status → System Log) and contact support if needed.

Configuring Firewall Rules for Traffic Forwarding

Go to the Network menu → Firewall and click Edit next to the lan zone.

Add the new altvpn zone to the «allow forward to destination zones» and save the changes.

If you encounter difficulties or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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