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What Happens If I Violate Any Rules?

Every service has its own set of rules, and we’re no exception. Just follow our service’s rules, and you won’t encounter any issues. 

Understanding Our Terms of Service

Every service has its terms of service, and ours are no different. These terms outline the rules that help keep our platform secure and enjoyable for everyone. Following them ensures a smooth experience for you and other users.

What happens if you violate the Terms of Service?

In most cases, if there’s a minor violation, we’ll try to contact you and resolve the issue. This could involve a friendly reminder or a request to adjust your behavior.

For more serious violations, we may take stricter action, including:

  • Account suspension or termination: In cases of severe or repeated violations, your account access may be suspended or terminated.
  • Limitation of service: We may restrict your ability to use certain features of the service.

Where can I find the Terms of Service?

Our Terms of Service are easily accessible. You can find them on our website by clicking the link in the footer or during the signup process.

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