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What is a Personal IP Address and Why Do I Need One?

When you connect to our VPN service, you’ll have access to a shared pool of servers, each with a common IP address used by all users. However, by purchasing the Personal IP Address service, you’ll receive a unique address that is exclusively yours for the duration of your subscription, with the option to renew.

After purchasing the VPN subscription along with a Personal IP Address, simply contact our support team with your access code and specify the server where you’d like to connect your personal IP address.


  • Enables you to set up video surveillance, create a website (subject to administration approval), or open a port.
  • Useful for gaming purposes, where access is restricted to a specific IP address—yours.
  • Facilitates registration on payment systems like PayPal, Webmoney, Qiwi, etc., which require login from a single IP address.
  • Allows for posting ads on popular trading platforms like Avito, OLX, Prom, and others.


  • The Personal IP Address service cannot be purchased separately from the VPN service; it’s only available as a bundle.
  • The minimum rental period for the address is one month, but if you need the IP address(es) for a longer duration, opt for a different tariff with an extended period.

Can I Purchase the Personal IP Address Service for Just One Month If I’ve Bought a One-Year Subscription?

Unfortunately, no. You can only purchase the Personal IP Address service for the remaining duration of your code, with the option to extend it.

Can I Replace or Get a Refund for the IP Address If It Doesn’t Suit Me?

According to our refund policy, refunds are not available for the Personal IP Address service. Since the addresses are specifically acquired for you from the provider at full cost, replacements are only possible on the first day of purchase or on the renewal day.

Why Do IP Address Prices Vary?

The pricing is set by the provider, and unfortunately, we cannot control this process.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us or consult with our website consultant.

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