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Connecting via L2TP

L2TP is remarkably straightforward to set up and is considered a more reliable and secure protocol.

If you already have a trial or premium access code, input it on the VPN page and click Connect. Then, in your account dashboard, select Computer > Mac OS > L2TP — IPSec, and you’ll find the details you need to configure on your device.


  1. Open System Preferences > Network, then click on the «+» sign (at the bottom left of the window) to add a new connection.
  2. In the pop-up window, specify:
  3. Interface: Choose VPN;
  4. VPN Type: Select L2TP over IPSec;
  5. Service Name: You can enter any description you prefer. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary details, click Create.
  6. After clicking Create, another pop-up window will appear where you’ll need to fill in the connection details.
  7. Configuration: Leave as default
  8. Server Address: Specify the server address from the general server list. You can find this information in your account dashboard by entering your code and selecting Computer > MacOS > L2TP IPSec.
  9. Account Name: Your access code, which you’ll obtain from your account dashboard.
  10. Click on the Authentication Settings button and enter your VPN service password in the Password field. Then, in the Shared Secret field, append «altvpnkey» and click OK. Check the box next to Show VPN status in the menu bar.
  11. Next, click on Advanced, check the box next to Send all traffic over VPN, and click OK. Then, click Apply and then Connect.

After connecting, open a browser page and check if your IP address has changed. If the IP address has changed, it means you’ve done everything correctly, and the VPN is working properly.

If you are unable to connect yourself or have any difficulties, please contact us.

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