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Your proxies are not working, the program gives an error

Don’t panic, first you need to figure out the problem and find where it is hidden.

From our experience with clients, we have found that errors are primarily due to incorrect proxy server input into the program.

We have collected the most popular programs and their input formats:

  • InstaTool PRO: ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword:ProxyIP:ProxyPort
  • ZennoPoster/ZennoBox: ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword@ProxyIP:ProxyPort and socks5://ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword@ProxyIP:ProxyPort
  • AviTool and ToolX: ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword@ProxyIP:ProxyPort
  • InstaSoft Account: AccountPassword:ProxyIP:ProxyPort:ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword
  • BroBot: ProxyIP:ProxyPort@ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword
  • Viking Botovod: ProxyIP:ProxyPort:ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword
  • Datacol: ProxyIP:ProxyPort:ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword:ProxyType
  • Quick sender: first line ProxyIP:ProxyPort / second line ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword
  • Sobot: ProxyIP:ProxyPort@ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword
  • Sociotex: ProxyIP:ProxyPort|ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword
  • Spotlight: ProxyIP:ProxyPort|ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword
  • Socialkit: ProxyIP:ProxyPort:ProxyLogin:ProxyPassword:ProxyType

If even after that the program refuses to work, check the proxy server’s performance in the browser.

If the IP address in the browser changes, then you need to clarify the cause of the error with the support of the program you are using.

If they couldn’t help you there either, write to our support team or a consultant on the website.

We will do our best to solve your problem.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when using proxies:

  • Security: Proxies can help to protect your security by hiding your IP address. This can make it more difficult for hackers and other malicious actors to track you down.
  • Privacy: Proxies can also help to protect your privacy by encrypting your traffic. This can prevent your ISP and other third parties from seeing what websites you are visiting or what apps you are using.
  • Location: Proxies can also be used to spoof your location. This can be useful for accessing geo-restricted content or for bypassing censorship.

If you have any questions about using proxies, please contact our support team.

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