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Differences Between Shared Channel and Private Channel

We offer two communication channels to choose from: the «Shared Channel» and the «Private Channel.»

Private Channel

If individuality and having no neighbors nearby are important to you, then you’ve made the right choice.

When you connect to mobile proxies via a private channel, you gain complete control, down to rebooting the modem if you wish.

Features of the Private Channel:

  • When you connect to the modem, you become the sole owner managing the mobile proxies, with no additional clients on your modem.
  • Full control over the modem, change the IP address at any time with a click, and set a specific time for IP address changes. We offer our own API for developers, allowing you to customize the interval for changing IP addresses as needed.
  • No limitations on connections; utilize your service to the fullest.

Shared Channel

In addition to you, there are 2-3 other users on the modem with whom you share the channel speed.

Features of the Shared Channel:

  • You receive the same high-quality and secure IP addresses from mobile operators. However, you cannot change the IP address by time or at your discretion. The IP address changes automatically every 5 minutes, regardless of whether you wish to change it or not.
  • The shared channel does not offer the ability to work through an API, nor does it provide control over the modem.

We want to emphasize that despite the limitation of the shared channel, both mobile proxy tariffs are suitable for any purposes and tasks.

If you’re unsure which mobile proxy channel to choose, feel free to reach out to our support team or speak to our specialist in the online chat. We’ll be happy to help you make the right choice.

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